Lilac Translations LLC.

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Lilac Translations LLC.

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Translations is a limited liability company founded in 2010, and has rapidly
become one of the top choices for customers in the Arab world ever since.


With offices in
Beirut and Ramallah and representatives in Dubai and Amman, Lilac Translations is
strategically located to provide Arabic, English and French translation and
interpretation services in a wide range of specialized subject matter


Our clients are
a wide range of corporations, organizations and individuals all around the Arab
World that recognize the importance of having a strategic partner to support
their growth and success.


Translations has an in-house team of 8 professional translators and 3 project
managers who strive to satisfy your needs and challenges in terms of quality,
efficiency and cost. Our translators fully understand and
adhere to the highest level of confidentiality.


In addition to
our in-house team, we complement our operations with a highly flexible pool of
50+ external experienced and qualified linguists that collaborate in our
projects on a daily basis.


to our rigorous quality control process, commitment to meeting deadlines, and uncompromising
focus on quality, our team delivers service at very competitive
quality-to-price rates. Our fees are based on a “Per Page” rates with no
incidental or hidden fees or expenses. Upon request, price quotations can be
prepared for every new project.