Fundraising Director

وظيفة منتهية ( إقرأ التحذير أولا)

تاريخ النشر ٧ فبراير ٢٠١٩
المكان لبنان - بيروت


Fundraising Director


Dal Al Ajaza Al- Islamia. Established in September 1952 as a philanthropic non-profit organization, whose objectives include:

  • Providing shelter and healthcare for the elderly and the physically and mentally handicapped
  • Providing healthcare services for patients suffering from psychiatric illnesses
  • Establishing and managing institutions and hospitals in Beirut and other regions in order to fulfill its mission



Beirut, Lebanon


The role of the Fundraising Director is to develop and promote a diverse range of fundraising activities and projects to support Dar Ajaza's fundraising strategy and income generation.




1.     Develop and execute a plan for communications, request donations and follow up on all identified Annual Giving Donors and Prospects.

2.     Research, identify and manage donations from trusts, foundations, institutional funders, government, corporate and private donors.

3.     Attract, build and develop relationships with new and existing corporate donors to secure long term funding across a wide range of target markets.

4.     Review fundraising results with the Chairman of the board on weekly and monthly basis.

5.     Implement new fundraising strategies and improve current ones to achieve the overall fundraising target.

6.     Summarize, , and update information from emails, notes, online calls/conferences, meetings, conventions, and other social events for both self and others working with donors and prospects.

7.     Create and use social media content to promote the networking and outreach through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and edIn.

8.     Pre-planning for multiple campaigns, fundraising strategies and events.

9.     Collaborate with marketing companies to design and create marketing campaigns.

10. Maintaining an annual fundraising calendar.

11. Greeting donors at on-site events to encourage donations to partner charities.

12. Taking lead responsibility for updating and maintaining trust records on the database.

13.  Producing database reports as required.

14.  Visiting VIPs for fundraising purposes

15.  Other related duties as needed


Candidate Background:

The Fundraising Director will possess the following qualifications:

·        At least five years of experience in Trusts, VIPs or Corporate fundraising.

·       Excellent English/Arabic verbal and written communication skills.

·       Excellent Communication and presentation skills.

·       Passion for working with charitable clients.

·       Positive and upbeat attitude.

·       Punctuality and perfectattendance.