Associate Lawyer

Al Arabia Law Firm is currently seeking a professional and competent senior lawyer to join its team.

The candidate must be a lawyer admitted to the Beirut Bar Association, proficient in English, has an excellent English and Arabic drafting and communication skills.

Tasks and Responsibilities

• Designing Strategies

• Negotiating settlements

• Following up with / and guiding the litigation team

• Reviewing agreements

• Giving Legal opinions/consultancy directly to clients (Written or verbal)

• Researching laws, statutes, regulations, and case law to prepare for trial or other court proceedings

• Drafting legal documents such as complaints, motions, briefs, and pleadings in accordance with applicable rules of procedure or evidence

• Preparing depositions and other discovery materials such as subpoenas, interrogatories, requests for admissions, and requests for the production of documents

• Drafting settlement agreements based on input from clients and other attorneys

• Preparing legal documents for filing with courts or administrative agencies

تاريخ النشر: ٢٢ مايو ٢٠٢٣

تاريخ النشر: ٢٢ مايو ٢٠٢٣